Cruz and Dezi | Children

I love children.  This is no surprise to those of you that know me.  I have two very special and beautiful princesses of my own.  Taking pictures of children can sometimes be challenging because they may not necessarily do what you want or they have their own ideas.  Guess what? That is perfectly fine!  Cruz is two and Dezi is one.  You can imagine just how crazy this session was!  But oh man, it was so much fun!  I love capturing children when they are in action.  Cruz wanted to just run around.  He was very shy so posing for a picture was not what he wanted to do.  Their parents came to the session, so their dad kept chasing them around the backyard.  The look of pure happiness and joy that they had their faces was amazing to be able to capture.

Their amazing mom made a couple of props for the session.  We actually took some birthday pictures for their family.  They have family in Houston, so they like to get pictures made to take to them.  Angie (mom) made the most adorable number letters and tied balloons to them.  It was perfect!

Getting this session done was actually quite difficult because, being that we live in Texas, you never know what the weather is going to do.  It had been raining so hard, and then on the days that it wasn’t raining the ground would be too soft.  It just happened that on the day we took these pictures it was an absolute beautiful day!

This family was so great! They were so down to earth and they just had a kindness about them.  I was very blessed to get to meet and photograph them. 

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Garcia | Family

Have you ever just met a super sweet family that just makes you smile?  Well, the Garcia family was just that.  They were such a joy to work with.  There sweet little kiddos were extremely well behaved.  I was very impressed!  You could just see the love that mom and dad had for each other and their babies.

Since I am new to photography, I like for my clients to choose their location of their session.  I have a couple of places in mind just in case they can’t think of one, but for the most part I haven’t even had to do that.  Karah (the mommy) asked me to come to downtown Waxahachie, TX for their session.  Philip (the daddy) really liked the look of the downtown area.  I am so glad that I did!  There are so many amazing spots for pictures.  There was a really neat feed store that was covered in old farm signs, an old bridge, and a perfect railroad station.  I am so glad I got to photograph in that spot!

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Ripley | Newborn

Wednesday I had the absolute pleasure of taking newborn pictures for my perfect little niece Ripley.  It was so much fun!  She had a ton of different costumes (ninja turtles included).  We were laughing and having fun snapping pictures of sweet little Ripley, when my camera strap decided to break and my amazing camera fell straight into the mud.  Naturally, I freaked out!  Thankfully, my brother is excellent when it comes to technology and things of that nature and he cleaned it right up for me.  Needless to say, we will be having another newborn session sometimes soon due to the fact that the one we had was cut short.

Ripley I a beautiful baby.  No, I am not biased at all!   She truly is a gorgeous little baby.  Anything we put her in she pulled off amazingly.  She definitely does not take after Aunt Bri!


Emily and Dalton | Maternity

I had the pleasure last weekend to take some maternity pictures for two of my very good friends.  They are two amazing people and they are going to be amazing parents as well.  Baby Ezekiel (Zeke) is one lucky little man.

We had such a great time.  They made it a very easy and fast session!  This was actually my very first maternity session.  I am so blessed that they allowed me to document such an important time in their lives.  Please scroll down and enjoy these beautiful people and pictures.


Reagan and Sadie | Children

Last Tuesday I got my new camera.  It is absolutely amazing!  Of course I had to do a practice session to see all of the fun features, so I decided to do use my beautiful little girls as models.  Poor Sadie has horrible allergies, so the wildflowers didn’t help.  Needless to say, she didn’t take too many pictures before her daddy was holding her.  Reagan on the other hand took lots of pictures.  I think she likes being center of attention.  What two year old doesn’t like everyone loving all over them?

Drew came with me and was my “assistant” for the session.  He is such a big help.  Anytime I needed him to move a blanket or wipe a runny nose he was right there.  He is always my biggest supporter and I couldn’t be more blessed.

Now, enough of that gooey love stuff.  I had such a great time taking pictures with my new camera.  It’s always a learning process for me, but I truly enjoy it.  The sun was shining, but it was hidden behind the tree line, so we were shaded for most of the session.  It’s always interesting when I am going to take pictures of Reagan.  She doesn’t believe in posing, so we have to bring something along to help her at least stay focused enough not to just run around.  For those of you that don’t know Reagan, she has one speed.  That speed is running everywhere.  Having Sadie there helped though.  She loves her baby sister.  I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


One Pan Skillet Chicken Fajitas|Dinner


Last night I made a very delicious dinner.  I had a doctors appointment after work, and I didn’t want to spend a ton of time in the kitchen.  I love cooking, but after a long day of work I wanted something fast.  Some of you may ask, “Well, Briana, why didn’t you just bring something home”?  Well, my lovelies, the answer to that question would be because I live in the middle of freaking nowhere.  So alas, I must cook.

Now, I love a good crock pot meal or casserole, but every once in awhile I like to do a skillet meal.  This recipe is great because it only requires one skillet! If you are like me then I know you loathe doing dishes so this meal is already piquing your interest.  It also requires  only a few ingredients!  It is fast and easy and it packs a big flavor.

Those of you who know me know that I am a sucker for some good Mexican food.  Authentic, tex-mex, you name it I love it.  This recipe falls more on the tex-mex side, but it is oh so very delicious.  I didn’t even think about posting it until after it was simmering on the stove top so please forgive the fact that there aren’t any pictures.  I do so solemnly promise to post pictures in the future of each step I take.

So, for the ingredients you want chicken breasts (I just use the Walmart or HEB frozen chicken breasts).  I defrosted them in the microwave on a defrost setting and then trimmed any of the fat off of them.  Now I made this meal for Drew, Reagan, and myself so we had enough leftovers for lunch, but if you are making it for a larger crowd I would increase your amount of chicken.   I used 3 large chicken breasts.  You also want olive oil, bell peppers (Now you can get creative here.  I used one red and one green pepper.  You could also use a yellow or orange pepper.)  You can also use an onion if you so desire.  My husband doesn’t like onion so it makes cooking very difficult, but he literally won’t eat it if he can taste an onion.  Yes…it’s annoying.  Moving on.  You also need taco seasoning of your preference, your favorite salsa, corn or flour tortillas, and whatever fixin’s you like on your fajitas (guacamole, sour cream, cheese, refried beans, etc.).

While you are cutting of the fat of the chicken heat about 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a skillet.  Once it is heated, throw in your chicken.  I like to let my chicken cook down a bit.  Any of the excess fat that I wasn’t able to cut off kind of cooks off.  Once you have your chicken cooking good (by good I mean you want some of the oil to be cooking down and the chicken to start to saute instead of just boil in the oil and excess water), add in your bell peppers (and onions).  While those cook in with your chicken, measure out your salsa so it is easy to add.

Once the chicken is cooked through and the bell peppers are soft, add your packet of taco seasoning (about 2 tablespoons), your salsa (about 1/2 – 1 cup), and 1/2c water.  Mix everything together and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.  You want most of the water to have evaporated and you want the salsa and taco seasoning to have thickened a little.  The meat is that easy!

Take your corn or flour tortilla add your beans, chicken, peppers, sour cream, cheese, and guacamole.  Serve it with some rice, beans, or chips and salsa and enjoy!  You could also just eat the meat like Reagan does.  She loved it!  I will tell you, it is a little on the spicier side depending on the brand of taco seasoning that you use so use caution when serving to little ones.  Excuse how terrible the picture is.  I am still working on my photography skills!  I promise it is very delicious.



One Pan Skillet Chicken Fajitas

3-4 Chicken breasts

2 Tablespoons Olive oil

2-3 Bell Peppers (your color preference)


A packet of taco seasoning

1/2-1 cup of your favorite salsa

1/2 cup water


Heat your olive oil in a skillet.  While it is heating, cut off the fat from your chicken breasts and discard it.  Once the oil is heated, add your chicken.  When the chicken is starting to cook through and some of the oil has cooked down, add your bell peppers and onion.  When your chicken is cooked through and the bell peppers are soft, add your taco seasoning, salsa, and water.  Mix everything up and let it simmer for about 10 minutes.  You want most of the water to have evaporated and the sauce will have thicken a little.  Serve in a corn or flour tortilla with sour cream, cheese, beans, and guacamole.  Enjoy!  It is also delicious with some rice or chips and salsa on the side.