Chick Days | Little Princesses

With Easter upon us, Drew and I decided to get Reagan and Sadie a special Easter gift.  We had been contemplating the idea of getting some chicks for awhile, so we figured what a better time than Easter.  So after work on Monday, we took Reagan to Atwoods and bought some baby chicks.  I have no idea what kind they are.  Some are black while others are a red/brown color.  Yes, I know. What kind of a “country girl” doesn’t know what kind of chickens there are?  Well, that would be this one!  What I do know is that Reagan was extremely excited and in about (hopefully) six months we will have some fresh eggs.

Once we got the chicks home, Reagan was so excited.  She just wanted to sit next to the chicks and pet them.  She told me “Mama, I need to hold them.  I gonna pet him”.


We also purchased a coop to house the chickens.  Drew has been so good and put it together after work the last couple of days.  Reagan would sit in the shop with him and “help” him whenever she got the chance.  Every afternoon we would let the chicks out of their box to walk around the yard.  Of course we had to watch our house dog Bella.  She seems to have a taste for chicken.  Fortunately for us we already knew that.  You will be happy to know that all ten of our chicks made it safely to their home.

Finally, after a lot of hard work, Drew finished the coop.  Today we got to put the chicks in their new home.

Reagan had a blast throughout this whole experience.  She loves being outdoors.  Today was such a beautiful day so after we finished with the chicks she rode her 4 wheeler for a little while.  And this my friends is what the most adorable little girls looks like.  She is definitely country.  Plus I love her sweet adorable bare feet.


This week at school she is learning about kites, so after a little bit of riding, I broke out her butterfly kite.  Daddy got it in the air for us and he got to exercise in the process so it was a win win situation.  Reagan is such a daddy’s girl.  She loves him so much and I love watching them together.  He is so good to her.  I am so blessed that my girls have such a strong christian example of what a man, father, and husband should be.

Even sweet little Sadie got to partake in our adventures today!  Life is so short.  I am so thankful that I get to spend it with such an amazing family.  I encourage you to not waste any time that you have.  When God gives you a beautiful day, use it.  When he gives you a family, love them.  Cherish each and every time you have with each other.  The simplest life is a blessed life.

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