Wedding Bells | Celebrations


Last night my baby brother (I guess technically he is Drew’s baby brother, but I call him my brother none the less) got married. When he was standing up there waiting on his bride, it was hard for me to imagine him married. I mean I can still remember when they would call his name over the intercom at school to go to ISS (In school suspension). So, imagine this same little boy getting married 😳…..Yeah, it was hard for me too. Anyways, as I watched him say his vows I realized I was very proud of him. I am proud of his morals. I am proud of his independence. I am proud of his stubbornness. I am proud of his love for his wife. And I am proud of his relationship with God. His momma did an outstanding job of raising him and he has done just as outstanding in keeping to her and the bible’s teachings. I loved looking at his three brothers’ faces while he was talking. You could see how proud of him that they were. It is such an amazing gift to witness. The bond they all share is truly something special.  


Now, I haven’t known Stacey (the bride) quite as long as I have known Isacc (my brother), but I will definitely say that he chose very well. She is kind, funny, smart, and faithful. Her strength is amazing to see. She is a nurse in one of our local nursing homes, and that job suits her exceptionally well. Her kind heart allows her to care for others, while her strength allows her to set boundaries. I admire her for having those abilities. 

I was honored enough to be chosen as one of her bridesmaids. It was so special getting to share in this blessed time with her. I was extremely grateful for being chosen, but I was also wondering what I was going to do with my girls since Drew was also in the wedding. You mothers out there can imagine the stress that comes along with that worry. Thankfully, we have some pretty amazing friends that took that worry from me! They were absolutely amazing. My good friend Laura watched Sadie and Reagan the whole day while I got ready for the wedding. Her husband was the photographer so she came early with him. This was not an easy task for her. First of all, she is pregnant and due in June. Again, those of you mothers out there can relate to the frequent urination, exhaustion, and uncomfortableness of being pregnant. And secondly, my two year old is two. I repeat, my two year old is two. She has got her momma’s charm and her daddy’s energy. 

During the ceremony it was a group effort with our lovelies. My best friend D’Lancye and her husband Jo came so when Reagan didn’t cooperate (because let’s face it, what two year old is going to stand up in front of a crowd for an entire wedding?) D’Lancye took Reagan for a walk. Before the wedding started and at the beginning of the ceremony, they helped Laura out by giving her arms a little bit of a break. 

My friends are huge blessings in my life. I am so thankful that God gave me such loving, giving, and kind people that love Jesus to call my friends. And yes, I’m a horrible mother because I didn’t get any pictures of Reagan on my phone. We were so busy I didn’t even get a picture of my little family!! I was pretty bummed when I realized that.   We did get a picture with the bride and groom though and I guess that’s the most important part anyway right? Congrats Isaac and Stacey! I’m so proud of you both and I pray you have such a blessed marriage. 




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