Paint and Praise | Celebrations


Sunday afternoon I got to have an amazing afternoon with some pretty amazing young women.  My brother-in-law Isaac is getting married this upcoming Sunday to a fantastic woman named Stacey.   They have been together for several years and met at a young age much like Drew and I.  I am so excited to celebrate their marriage and love.  Sunday we got to celebrate Stacey and have her bachelorette party!

I’m sure many of you have heard of painting with a twist?  Well, what we did was very similar, but we got to study the word of God while we did it.  It made for a fantastic afternoon.  Living Love with Kelly Paint and Praise is where we went.  Kelly taught us how to paint a beautiful scripture painting and shared some of her favorite scripture with us.  We learned some new painting techniques and got to have an awesome time of fellowship.

If this looks or sounds like fun to you, check out Kelly’s website at    She is such a fantastic woman and she is very good at turning a mediocre artist into a professional.



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