Sunday Donuts | Adventures

This morning we woke up in enough time to go to Sunday school, however, for some unknown reason we just couldn’t quite get there.  Anyone ever have one of those mornings?  I’m sure most of you with children can relate.  You set your alarm for at least an hour earlier than you need, but you just can’t quite get it together.  Well, this last Sunday was one of those mornings for us.  So what do you do when you have a while before church but not enough time to make it to Sunday school?  Why you get donuts of course!  Corsicana happens to have THE BEST donut shop ever.  I mean it.  You will never find another donut shop that tastes this good.  Ever.  We walk in and Reagan immediately informs me that she would like a donut with sprinkles.  Well Donut Palace just so happened to have pink, blue, green, yellow, and chocolate.  So which one did she get you might ask?? Well green of course!

Sadie Bugg also enjoyed the donut shop.  She didn’t actually leave her carseat, but I know she definitely enjoyed it.   Probably as much as her daddy taking photos. (I told him to smile and this is what he gave me.)

Reagan had a really fun time and we got to eat some pretty amazing donuts.  I myself am a pig in a blanket kind of gal, but Drew does enjoy a good glazed donut.

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